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  • Castor : CO2 from Capture to Storage


  • Cocate : CO2 Transportation


  • DALMATIEN - Degradation of Amines in Liquid Matrix and Analysis: Toxicity or Innocuousness for ENvironment?


  • IFP Services : a COFIP business unit, an IFPEN subsidiary
  • GIS Géosciences franciliennes : a scientific collaboration to pool research efforts on issues related to natural resources and environment which are subject of major societal concerns.


  • LESSCCV : Large-Eddy Simulation and System simulation to predict Cyclic Combustion Variability in gasoline engines


  • MEMOBIOL : Modélisation à l'Echelle MOléculaire pour les BIOraffineries Lignocellulosiques


  • MORE4LESS : Modelling of REactive particulate flows for Low Energy Sustainable processes 


  • PeliGRIFF : Parallel Efficient LIbray for GRains In Fluid Flows


  • Projet OCTAVIUS FP7 : the postcombustion CO2 capture processes demonstrated on 3 pilot plants with a representative capacity


  • SCelecTRA - Scenarios for the Electrification of Transport


  • SGEmac : Developing a methodology based on Large-Eddy Simulation for predicting cyclic variability in spark ignition engines


  • SIGLE : Développement de modèles pour la SImulation aux Grandes échelles des jets de carburants LiquidEs dans les moteurs à combustion interne


  • SLIMCAT : Solid-Liquid Interface at Molecular-scale for Catalysis


  • TRENERGYTRain ENergy Efficiency via Rankine-cycle exhaust Gas heat recoverY
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